Butterflies for Breast Health

A little exercise I created called Butterflies does a lot more than help your body look better, it actually helps improve breast health, cardio fitness, circulation and lymphatic function.
It looks so simple but a lot more is happening than what you see on the outside. Although your feet stay planted and your arms never go above shoulder height, this 90 second exercise definitely increases heart rate and heart health, as well as help your body decrease inflammation and lower blood sugar. How can that be? Full fiber activation of multiple muscles with equal tension from origin to insertion along with lymphatic pumping is the secret to success. Each little “butterfly pump” along with lower body activation (toes forward, tailbone tucked, ribs up and knees out) increases heart rate and lymphatic circulation. Increased heart rate = greater blood circulation. Increased lymphatic circulation = greater elimination. Full fiber tension of multiple muscles also helps improve lymphatic flow. The combination of all three = a body that looks, feels and functions better. PRICELESS. No equipment is needed – just your body and a small amount of space to extend your arms with palms up and thumbs back.

Don’t delay try it today and feel the difference. Yes You Can with T-Tapp!