Guided Imagery Meditation

Breathe In Peace

By Dr. Carol Robin

You’ve heard of imagery, you’ve heard of meditation. So what is this combination thing? Well, guided imagery is nothing exotic; it just means that someone is directing the imagery. It could be me, like in my guided imagery meditation CDs and mp3s, or it could be you, guiding yourself with your own thoughts and intentions.

Guided imagery meditation is my name for the process of working with imagery when you are in a meditative state, and is the process that I use in my work. I find that the combination makes the work so much deeper, more powerful, and more effective.

Many people think meditation is this difficult, mysterious process – you have to sit in the lotus position for hours and empty your mind. But really, it is just the process of re-connecting our mind, emotions, and body with our spirit, bringing us back to our center, that place of inner peace. A simple, natural process that everyone is born knowing how to do. Even dogs are thought to meditate (I know mine do!) and certainly cats do it for hours every day, and what do you suppose cows do while they’re hanging out chewing their cud…

But have you noticed that our culture doesn’t really encourage inner peace and hanging out in your center? We are supposed to be working, talking, thinking, texting, planning and worrying 24/7. So guided meditation techniques can be a very simple way to re-train yourself, to quickly and easily bring yourself out of that constant busy mental chatter and into an internal oasis of peacefulness that you carry within you all the time but are usually too busy to notice.

I developed the Four Steps to Center™ technique that I use in many of my CDs and mp3s to help my clients who wanted to learn to meditate. The four steps – body, heart, mind and spirit – are just a simple pathway to a peaceful meditative state. Once you have experienced what it feels like to be in a meditative state and learned the path to it, it is easy for you to take yourself there whenever you desire. It’s a great meditation technique for beginners, and many experienced meditators enjoy this four step approach.

The mind-body connection is an amazing resource for those of us living in a body! We all carry innate healing abilities within us. It is my intent that the guided journeys on my CDs and mp3s empower and entice you to explore your own.

For an easy experience of this process, give yourself 15 minutes to relax, turn off your phone and “Breathe In Peace.”


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